How to design a kitchen? U- or L-shaped kitchen or an island?

How to design a kitchen? U- or L-shaped kitchen or an island?

If you already have a few ideas for the kitchen and know whether you prefer an open or closed room and how to integrate the kitchen and living room, you can move on to specific designs. How to design your kitchen to be functional? Adjust its shape to fit the room.

Furnishing your kitchen is one of the most important issues. That’s why you should always consider whether you want a modern kitchen with an island, a practical L or U-shaped kitchen, or a designer open G-shaped kitchen. In what situations is it best to choose a specific arrangement?

One of the most common choices is a ready-made single-row kitchen. This solution is usually found in closed kitchens in a block of flats, which are long and narrow and therefore difficult to arrange. However, this single-row arrangement is the least ergonomic.

u-shaped kitchen with island
Home Interior With Open Plan Kitchen And Dining Area

L-shaped kitchen

If you have the option, opt for an L-shaped kitchen unit. You can use this layout for both open and closed kitchens. It will also make it easier for you to follow the principle of a triangle and increase functionality during meal preparation. And if you’re still thinking about how to arrange a small kitchen, it’s the perfect solution for you.

U-plan kitchen

The biggest advantage of a U-plan kitchen is that you have many kitchen cabinets, which are needed to store equipment and food. It’s also an ideal way to set up your most important appliances on a triangular plan. However, a kitchen shaped in this way requires a lot of space, and optically reduces the size of your room (although this can be avoided by giving up top cabinets for the kitchen in favour of open shelves).

G-shaped kitchen

While G-shaped kitchen is a perfect solution for an open living room. Then a table or cabinet is a perfect finishing touch. Just like an L-shaped kitchen, it requires a lot of space.

The last, most functional solution is the kitchen with an island. Not only does it allow for an ergonomic arrangement of meal preparation, it enables simultaneous cooking by several people, but it also looks stylish and modern. Disadvantages? The room must be large. And due to the number of furniture, kitchens with an island are usually much more expensive too.