How to arrange a kitchen with a living room?

How to arrange a kitchen with a living room?

3 ideas for separating the kitchen from the living room

Nowadays, modern kitchens are often integrated with living rooms. Therefore, if you’re leaning towards an open room, you’re probably wondering how to separate the kitchen from the living room?

One of the simplest, cheapest and quickest ways to separate the kitchen from the living room is to set up a table that will also serve as a dining area. Its size should depend on the number of people in the household.

In this case, tables and chairs must also be comfortable as they will be the main place where meals are eaten. To add character to this arrangement, you should place long, hanging lamps (preferably two or three) above the table.

In an industrial, modern kitchen you can also choose to put on an artistic tangle of decorative wires ending in Edison’s light bulbs. Such a lamp can be bought ready or made by yourself.

open kitchen with large living room

Another idea is to separate these rooms with a modular glass wall. It is important that the glass is fixed in metal or wooden frames connected together. A wall in the form of a smooth, glass panel can be dangerous – when it is perfectly clean, it is easy to overlook it.

If you have a small kitchen and you want to make the most of the available space, separate it from your living room with a designer cabinet. You can put fashionable barstools next to it, and in the shelves and drawers of this cabinet (keep necessary accessories or food products (not only alcohol)).