Case Study: How We Found Exceptional Kitchen Tiles for One of Our Clients?

Case Study: How We Found Exceptional Kitchen Tiles for One of Our Clients?

Making a new home is not just about setting up a structure using bricks and cement. There are lots of dreams and expectations that give shape to a living space. We understand the emotions and feelings hidden behind every new home development project. And our teams make the best efforts to give them a shape.

Homeowners are always curious to add more elegant and impressive things to their home. They want to do the best by utilizing their limited budget in a more creative manner. Recently we met such a couple who were ready to design their new home after five years of their wedding. They called us to fix an appointment to discuss the project, and during the first meeting, we were pretty impressed by so many dreams that they had about their new home.

Although they had unique plans for every part of their home, the feel was really special for their kitchen. They wanted to add the best tiles and decorative materials to this section to make it look elegant.

Well, there is no doubt to say that the process of finding the best ever tiles is a little complicated because every person has a different taste and expectation. But our team was dedicated enough to give shape to their dreams, and we too wanted to create a stunning kitchen premise for them.

So, we started by making a detailed analysis of every aspect. Here we have listed steps that we followed to make the finest selection:

Identifying surfaces that need tiles:

The first most task for our team was to identify surfaces where tiles must be applied in the kitchen. This step was very important because the placement of tiles is the most important factor to decide about their color, design, and pattern.

We highlighted every part, including the wall behind the stove, countertops, and the floors as well.

Planning about the flow:

When there are many different sections that require tiles; it is usually complicated to decide about the combined flow. Whether you should use the same color tiles or need unique designs at every surface.

At the same time, it was important to decide the material of the tiles to be used in different sections of the kitchen. So, we discussed the stuff with our clients with all the color, design, and material options including ceramic, porcelain, stone, cork, and a glass of course. We also showed them some tile pieces to analyze the difference between appeal.

The decision about pricing and lifestyle:

Well, the color and pattern selection was yet easier for the client, but the real challenge was to decide about the material. So, we started by giving them price estimates for all available options. By keeping their lifestyle and budget in their mind, they finally decided to move ahead with ceramic tiles.

After this selection, we finally discussed the shape and size of the tiles for different sections of the kitchen. The clients were more satisfied with the vertical placement of tiles which leads to an attractive modern feel of the kitchen.

Finally, our teams started the installation process, and the area was completely transformed.

The best part was to see the real smile on the face of the couple when they looked at the finished kitchen.

Author: Californiakitchenremodel client